4 takeaways about the future of HR. Second part

On the second day of the Talent Enablement Conference, HR rockstars, hospitality experts and our very own customer success team took over the virtual stage to show us what disruptions are taking place in the HR world.

4 takeaways about the future of HR. Second part

The second day of the Talent Enablement Conference started with a very relaxing yoga session. With relaxed muscles and a clear mind, our attendees were ready to enjoy the great keynote sessions. In case you couldn’t attend, we have summarised the main takeaways of each session in this blog post.

Lucy Adams on creating a better normal in HR.

With tons of experience in HR and as CEO of Disruptive HR, Lucy Adams is convinced that HR's role is to create the conditions where people can be more agile, productive and innovative. During her talk, she walked us through the EACH module, a model that makes HR professionals treat employees as adults, customers and humans.

We broke down the model below:

  • Adults: Have you noticed that some organisations treat their employees as children? In most of the cases, employers don't trust people to behave like grownups, so HR must design a long list of policies and checklists for employees to follow. But what happens in case of an eventuality? In this fast-changing environment, organisations and leaders need to take an adult to adult approach, where employees can embrace and take ownership of their own development and decisions.
  • Costumers: Don't you love that Spotify or Netflix have tailored their offer to your needs? In our personal lives, we expect a certain level of customisation. However, in HR, people are still creating one size fits all processes. Employees as consumers have different needs and preferences, the one size fits all structure generates less impact on the employees. But how can you tailor HR processes to employees? Think like a marketeer. Create employee personas by clustering your workforce. For instance, cluster them by how they communicate or perform. This is not just useful for HR, but think of the impact leaders can have when tailoring their leadership style on their employee's behaviour.
  • Humans: Raise your hand from behind your laptop or smartphone if you trust all your managers to conduct effective yearly appraisals. There is a trend that started pre-crisis in which HR becomes human experts. They reshape their processes based on what humans feel, think, behave and how they communicate instead of focusing on a process where humans don't have margins for mistakes.

This crisis allows us to not go back to normal, but create something better.


TEC-LucyAdams-Creating a better normal

Florence and Siemon with Survival of the fittest: using data to get one step ahead.

Our very own customer success experts shared insights from the intuo platform pre and during Covid-19 to show us how this crisis has reshaped employee engagement.

As you may know (and if you don't) intuo is a talent enablement platform. Our product helps HR to understand and manage the performance and learning of their workforce. As soon as we entered in the lockdown, our HR experts designed a list of questions for managers to ask their employees during the working from home period. The same story when we progressively started lifting the lockdown, our experts' team created another set of questions so managers and HR can have new and updated insights about the current situation.

From those questions, we found out that:

  • Feedback: The amount of feedback given, asked or received in our platform increased by 8% during the lockdown.
  • Company alignment: The sense of company alignment and communication increased by 5% during the lockdown.
  • Relationship with colleagues: decreased by 4% during the lockdown.
  • Wellness and happiness: decreased by 3% during the lockdown.

These results have been used by our customers to improve their policies and strategies, if you want to know more about how this engagement pulses worked, do not hesitate to contact us.

TEC- intuo.io- engagement data

Dries & Yuri The workforce in hospitality.

Probably one of the most impacted sectors during the Covid-19 pandemic is the hospitality sector. Restaurants, bars, cafe's and hotels closed their doors to customers all over the world. Some of them might never open again, new businesses will arrive and some others will reopen stronger, but for sure nothing will be like it was before COVID. This keynote session highlighted the biggest changes the hospitality sector is already facing:

  • Embrace technology in hospitality: The human to human contact will be less. In this new low touch world, to guarantee a good customer experience hospitality businesses have to remove all unnecessary products like keys, phones or remote controls to replace them with new technology. It's time to forget about calling room service, Talking to Google or Alexa will be enough to get your services. The fewer things you manipulate, the safer you will be.
  • New different services and opportunities: In Belgium, since June 8 we can go back to restaurants and bars, but we need to reserve our spot. Planning is key, reservation is mandatory and cash is a concept of the past.

    TEC-Dries and yuri - intuo

Lisa Dodman with transformational change, the employee experience journey.

As CHRO of Unit4, Lisa Dodman talked about how to embrace transformation by focusing on 4 principles:

  1. The basics: First you need to think about what are those basic processes in your organisation and how to improve them. Is the onboarding of a new employee a long checklist or is it a great experience? You need to remember people why they chose you as an employer and why they should stay.
  2. Productivity shift: I'm sure you have heard: "This is how we've always done things". Shifting this kind of mentality is hard, but showing why it is important and what you can achieve with it is key. But productivity shift also depends on how you evaluate your employees' performance. Do you value more an employee that is always working from 9 to 5 or, you give them the freedom to be productive at their own piece and based value on results and achievements?
  3. Employee Engagement: While embracing transformation, having your employees align is key. Think of what are you trying to achieve as an organisation and define those values and drivers. Listen to people and engaged them, that will enable you to anchor all teams to the transformational journey.
  4. Extraordinary experience: Your organisation needs to move from average to fantastic. Optimise the workspace and communications, your experience reflects your culture. Is your culture agile and collaborative? Each touchpoint with your employee should promote and highlight your culture values.
    Lisa Dodman -TEC- intuo

THE END. But just for the first edition of TEC online. Here you can find the after movie and the 2 live stream videos to dig deeper on your favourite keynotes.


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