4 reasons to attend employee experience 4U

2 days, 40+ speakers, 6 different tracks to choose from and attendees from all over the world. Do you need more reasons to attend our global virtual event, X4U? Keep on reading then.

4 reasons to attend employee experience 4U

After our successful online event back in May, we decided to kick off the last quarter of 2020 by inspiring not only HR, but everyone who wants to learn and grow. From talks about inclusion from powerwomen Lady Merieme to the founder of Wikipedia spilling his secrets of a purpose drive organization, X4U is the event you won't want to miss. Here are 4 more reasons why.

  • One event covering your entire business
    X4U is about meeting industry thought leaders and experts who will share their insights on how to transform the work experience for your people and why that matters. Whether you are in HR, finance or even if you are a CEO, this event will provide you with enough insights to make people centric decisions right away.

image (82)Jorn and I working hard on the  X4U agenda.

  • There is a specific HR track
    Don't worry, if you are here just for the HR tracks we have got you covered. We have catered a specific HR track that covers everything from payroll to talent management and the core of Human Capital Management. How does analytics support employee wellbeing and profit? You'll find out on October 14 and 15.
  • Keynote speakers that are looking forward, not looking back
    The founder of the most well known online encyclopedia, accessible to everyone, everywhere and a woman whose aim it is to teach 1 Million young women and girls how to code by 2030 are taking the stage. We can't wait to learn a ton from these two inspirational people. Our team will be on the edge of their seats, will you be as well?
  • It's free
    Does this need any more comments?

I would be able come up with at least 10 more reasons why X4U is a unique event that will inspire you for 2021, but I want you to see it for yourself. Register below to attend on October 14 and 15.


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