5 reasons to attend our online HR conference

2 days, 8 international speakers, warm-up sessions and a really broad network of 900+ HR professionals all together in one digital place. Do you need more reasons to attend the 2020 Talent Enablement Conference Online? Keep on reading then.

5 reasons to attend our online HR conference

The coronavirus has shaken the status quo of the way we live and work, but that hasn’t stopped everyone from growing and learning. After 4 successful events, we decided to host our first Talent Enablement Conference online, to gather everyone in one safe place and share experiences and best practices. From talent management during a pandemic to looking at what the future holds, this  unconventional online conference is a must attend for HR professionals, and leaders and here are the 5 reasons why you can’t miss it.

1. An outstanding line-up of speakers:

Speakers from all over the world will be sharing their view on HR and how its core is changing faster than ever before. Get ready to hear professional experiences and personal stories from the BBC, Deliveroo, Unit4 and many more. Do you have any questions? Well, feel free to pick the speaker’s brain during the Q&A.


2. It’s nothing like a webinar:

Or a zoom conference for that matter. During 2 afternoons, you’ll be immersed in an unconventional and productive experience. Forget about lazy slides and shoddy sound. The talent enablement conference will be like a live show where you will stretch your muscles and you won’t be able to contain your laugh. Yes, all of that while you're learning from our awesome speakers.


3. From your favourite spot:

From your couch or your desk, you decide from where to attend TEC. And the best thing is, there is no dress code, so if you want to attend in your favourite trousers or pyjamas, it doesn't matter! The only thing you need to do is sign up and join us in this fun experience. 

4. Yes, you will be able to network with others:

This is HR without borders. The conference is an opportunity to expand your network. Who knows, you might find your mentor even from countries out of reach right now. You’ll be able to reach out directly to the professional that captures your attention and grow your international network.


5. Do you really need another reason? 


                                                                                                    Join the first edition of TEC online.

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