8 tips to engage employees during summer time

Turn off the quarantine mood! It's summertime. However, not everyone has holidays, so how do you keep employees focused when they want to enjoy the summer?

8 tips to engage employees during summer time

Summer is here! After three maybe four months of lockdown, our body and minds want to disconnect from work and enjoy the outdoors. However, someone has to keep the business running, and many employees have to continue working. We've written down 8 tips and practices to keep engagement levels up during the summer.

1. Promote flexible and remote work conditions

From February to May 2020, employees all over the world prove that remote employees can be as productive as if they were at the office. Who wouldn't prefer to work by the pool or on the terrace rather than inside an office building? Give flexibility to your people so they can enjoy the nice summer weather while focussing on their jobs.


2. Enjoy the outdoors with your team

Have employees think about how pleasant the weather is outside will not drive performance. Take a look at your calendar and decide on which meetings can be done outdoors (brainstorm sessions, stand-ups or sprints). You can also enjoy the vitamin D by having team lunches outside, organise a picnic and promote team building and collaboration.


3. Release stress with better handover sessions

Business can stop, when employees leave for holidays, they have to prepare their tasks in advance. Sometimes it means delegating some responsibilities to colleagues. By having proper handovers people can leave and go back to the office relaxed.

We have designed a DIY handover checklist that you can use and share with your teams when your holiday period has arrived!

Download Checklist


4. Organise summertime team building activities

There are infinite options out there to enjoy the outdoors as a team. Terraces are open now, so you can organise some after-work events. However, you can go a bit further and plan some ping pong or soccer tournaments. These kind of activities will promote team building, collaboration and help employees release some endorphins that are good to decrease stress levels.


5. Create a "trip advisor" channel

Use your favourite communication channel to create a specific chat where employees can ask and give some advice on where to eat or places to visit when they are on holiday in a certain city or having a staycation. Isn't this the best way to increase team collaboration?


6. Document the summer activities

While other colleagues are sharing pictures of the beach, those still working will be posting pictures of all the summer team activities you've organised. You should document them all because: first, it's part of your culture, and second, it will help you with your employer branding to attract and retain more talent.


7. Create a custom summer engagement survey 

Engagement surveys are a useful way to get insights from your workforce. People might be stressed trying to finish everything before they leave, or they burn out because of the task another colleague delegate to them. Spot engagement trends and find out what your workforce needs during this season.

Send out short engagement surveys to your workforce with intuo!


8. Create a team Spotify list

The office is not that crowded as it used to be, so it's a great idea to create a Spotify playlist where employees can add some of their favourite songs and listen to them during the day. You can also add some classics and sing along during coffee breaks or water cooler chats.