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Redesigning employee experience for the new way of work

Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage said, “Money is no longer the primary motivating factor for employees” and although money can drive people to work, a good employee experience can be the best leverage an organization can create.  

How to stop failing at user adoption and get the ROI you want

One of the biggest mistakes organisations make when introducing a new HCM platform, is that they don’t measure user adoption during the different implementation phases. When you start designing and implementing your new HCM platform, you invest a lot of time, money and effort but the Return on Investment only comes at the end of the project when most of your users have adopted the changes you set out for

HR questions answered during the pandemic

The Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, conducted a rapid research survey during the COVID-19 pandemic focusing on HR Directors, HR managers and HR system professionals primarily from enterprise organizations in Europe. What were the questions the C-suite were asking HR in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic? Read the article to discover the answers.

Top 5 trends for HR leaders in 2021

If Human Resource departments had a challenging job before the pandemic, the post-pandemic times look even more challenging, but many opportunities also lie ahead. As we ease into the new year, we believe it is a good time to reflect on lessons learned but also on lessons we still need to learn. As an early Christmas gift, we summarized the key HR trends to look on 2021.

How to support employee objective setting and why you should do it

While more organizations start to implement aDistributed Talent Management strategy, the goal of HR becomes to enable individuals in their work and make them accountable for their own career.

The truth about remote performance reviews

The yearly performance review is coming up, but this time it holds even more challenges than before. For most organizations, the performance review is a check-box that needs to be ticked. It's the way many companies usually decide how they're supposed to determinepay and establish accountability.

Unit4 HCM debuts in the Fosway 9-grid for Cloud HR

Unit4 has been mentioned for the first time in the Fosway 9-grid for Cloud HR. In our debut, we stomped in by being classified as a core challenger. What does it mean? What implications does it have? Keep reading.

Transitioning from talent management to people success

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown traditional talent management into the spotlight. 

What are the revolutions driving the decline of traditional talent management and the emergence of more flexible, fluid and faster organisations? David Perring, director of research at Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, tells us more.

4 reasons to attend employee experience 4U

2 days, 40+ speakers, 6 different tracks to choose from and attendees from all over the world. Do you need more reasons to attend our global virtual event, X4U? Keep on reading then.

X4U Our second online event. What to expect?

A few months ago, we hosted our very first online Talent Enablement Conference. Great speakers, remarkable hosts, funny t-shirts and even a laughing session were part of the menu for the two-day conference. But, if you know us, you know we like to go the extra mile and only hosting one event is not enough. That's why on October 14 & 15 we will be co-hosting Experience4U. An event organised by Unit4 in

What is next for the HR department

With the very first wave of COVID, everything was happening at an incredibly fast speed. Suddenly HR had to shift focus from whatever they were working on (appraisals, comp and ben, succession or workforce planning) to digital transformation and remote working transition. Now everything is a bit more stable and the main question is: What is next for human resources?

Registration for X4U is now open

After our successful TEC online event, we're excited to share that registration is now open for Experience4U. X4U is our first global and of course, fully virtual customer event. Meet the industry thought leaders and Unit4 experts who will share their insights on HOW to transform the work experience for your people and WHY that matters.

The most important HR trend for 2021

Technology is ready, digital transformation has been accelerated by Covid-19 in all organisations, and people are demanding more meaningful processes. We are moving into an era where HR focuses more than ever on strategy while managers and teams take accountability of their development. We conducted an international research and identified the most important HR trend. Keep reading!


Intuo becomes Unit4 Talent Management

... and we're super excited about it! 3500 awesome new colleagues and the support of a large ERP provider, what's not to like?Of course, if I'm honest, saying goodbye to our name and logo brings a small tear to my eye. But the future looks bright and the opportunities are endless! To soften the blow of the change, (both for us and for you) we'll take everything slowly. In this blog, we share what steps

8 tips to engage employees during summer time

Turn off the quarantine mood! It's summertime. However, not everyone has holidays, so how do you keep employees focused when they want to enjoy the summer?

Coming Soon: Improved Engagement Overview

Measuring engagement is one thing, but what you do with that data is what it's really all about. To make it clear which teams are engaged and which ones aren't, we're launching a new overview.

4 takeaways about the future of HR. Second part

On the second day of the Talent Enablement Conference, HR rockstars, hospitality experts and our very own customer success team took over the virtual stage to show us what disruptions are taking place in the HR world.

4 takeaways about the future of HR. First part

Experts on remote working, HR analytics, technology and unicorns shared their knowledge on the first day of TEC online. Did you miss it? We wrote the main take aways of each keynote in this blog.

HR Is Changing And So Should Its Events

A desk- yoga session, a laughter coach and 12 remote speakers made TEC Online an event experience unlike HR has ever seen.

5 reasons to attend our online HR conference

2 days, 8 international speakers, warm-up sessions and a really broad network of 900+ HR professionals all together in one digital place. Do you need more reasons to attend the 2020 Talent Enablement Conference Online? Keep on reading then.

How To Move Past Competency Models

Companies have been using competency models for decades to define the skills, knowledge and abilities that are necessary to be successful in a certain job or organisation.

10 questions you should ask your remote employees

With so many people suddenly confined to working from home in these uncertain times, work can be pretty hard on your people’s mental wellbeing.

No more coffee chat: The 5 conversations you should have with your remote team

We find ourselves in a unique situation where millions of people are forced to work remotely from one day to another, and managers have not had the time to adapt properly.

New kids on the block pt. 2: new features in the spotlight

Soon we’ll be releasing our Q2 product update. In the past few weeks we have already been dropping a few hints on what this release will include.

Extend the engagement of your remote workforce

How can you keep track of employees' engagement when they are not really within the company? With employees being forced to work remotely, organisations are having trouble knowing how every employee is feeling and performing.

New kids on the block: added features in the spotlight

The intuo product team has done it again - we’re releasing a number of new functionalities for all our customers. Let’s put a few of them under the spotlight!

Retaining employees in a period of uncertainty

During periods of uncertainty, employee retention and engagement are a threat. Losing employees at a high rate is extremely costly, especially since recruiting them is challenging.

Engagement under a magnifying glass: Becoming Sherlock!

It’s common knowledge that the traditional annual surveys are a point-in-time snapshot wide perceptions and establish a baseline, they don’t help you address engagement throughout the year.

People Analytics 101: How to coach line managers to be great leaders

How do you know what areas of the business require the most of your attention, and what help do they require? Put your hands together for our first act: intuo’s insight module

A Powerful Leadership Style With People Analytics

Employees and organisations are constantly changing, so it's quite straightforward that your leadership style should change with them.

5 excuses people use for not bringing their performance appraisal to the next decade

We're giving you ammunition to counter the top 5 excuses we hear the most to not update the costly, subjective and time-consuming process.

HR trends 2020

We looked at the reports and headlines from different sources and summarised our findings in 7 key trends to look at in 2020.


4 reasons why people resist change and how to deal with it

In our fast-paced environment, organisations need to adjust their strategies to keep up with competition and market demands. However, changes in strategy often bump into resistance.

Customer Story Keyrus Global: The listening ear that boosted my career

How Keyrus successfully shifted to a better performance management process with continuous conversations and feedback.

Customer Story Amon: happy employees, our most valuable asset

The weekend is approaching at the Amon office, but nobody is leaving before they have answered their intuo engagement pulse.

5 Steps To Give Constructive Feedback

Many coaches and managers are having difficulties with giving constructive feedback to their employees. In this blog, you will get to know the 5 most important steps in giving constructive feedback.

How To Keep Your Employees Happy & Engaged

Employee happiness and wellbeing are hot topics. Everywhere in the world, there are conferences on how to make your employees happy. Find out our top tips on this blog.

HR's Massive Influence On Your Financial Growth

In today’s job market, competition for top talent is fierce. Employees have become consumers of the workplace, they choose where to work based on culture, aspiration and values.

4 Myths Surrounding Increasing Employee Engagement

Egyptians aren't the only ones with myths. They had the sun god Ra, we have employee engagement. So many things are said and written about engagement, it's hard to know what's fact and what's fiction.

How To Move To A Talent Focused Rewarding System

The original rewarding system with yearly rated performance reviews isn't working anymore, you know that. But what is working? Sure there must be an alternative?

3 Tips on Change Management

You want to implement change in your organisation. You already have an entire process ready, but how do you start rolling it out? Read these 3 tips.

This Was TEC 2018

Last Thursday, more than 300 people came to Ghent for The Talent Enablement Conference. What were the key takeaways? What can your organisation learn from Airbnb? Find out in this wrap-up blog!

How Board Of Innovation Built A Feedback Culture With Tacos, Burgers and Sushi

Before joining Board of Innovation as a People & Culture Lead half a year ago, Nele had already worked in the domain of ‘Human Resources’ for around ten years. She found out that most people actually hate feedback at work. And why wouldn’t they?

How To Build A Strong Employer Brand

This Employer Branding Mini Guide boils down to two things: examples and tips on how to build a strong employer brand. Nothing more, nothing less.

Interview: How Airbnb Redefined its HR

Airbnb grew from 650 employees to 4000 in 4 years. We wanted to find out how the organisation dealt with such a significant employee increase and how such a booming organisation redefined its HR.

Interview: PepsiCo's View On Career Perspective

Being one of the world's leading food and beverage organisations, PepsiCo has a LOT of employees. How does the organisation deal with its people? Read an extract from the interview with Miguel Premoli, VP Talent Management at PepsiCo.

The Future Of Workforce Planning

HR managers want to align both business and HR needs, as well as make sure the organisation has the right people, with the right skills, at the right cost. How? By planning their workforce!

The 7 Best HR Podcasts To Listen

Are you looking for fun ways to up your HR game? 1 answer: podcasts! They are becoming increasingly popular to kill dull moments and let's be honest, who doesn't like to hear a smooth voice tell you everything about Talent Management?

What Kind Of Feedback Persona Are You?

What if there was a fun and simple framework to help you discover what kind of feedback persona you are and what you could improve? We designed a framework with 6 different feedback personas.

The Ultimate Coaching Cheat Sheet

How should I handle coaching? How often do I have to coach? Instead of talking people through the lengthy process, hand them this cheat sheet, so that they can tick the boxes themselves!

The 10 intuo Engagement Drivers

There are different factors that drive employee engagement. At intuo, we focus on 10 drivers that map the engagement levels within your company.

How To Improve The Quality Of Your Manager's One-On-Ones

One-on-one meetings are about making sure the employee is happy, productive and also to uncover personal and professional challenges. But how do you get the most out of these crucial conversations?

HR as a Key Driver for Digital Transformation: The 5 E’s Every HR Manager Should Know

Recently I was asked to give the closing keynote presentation for recruiters and HR managers at the biggest Graduation Fair in Belgium. The message I wanted to transmit to them was that "digital disruption will be overcome by companies with the best people, not the best technology".

One Simple Idea to Transform Your Management

We all have that one friend who can’t stop talking about all the things they get to do at work. They come home happier than they left in the morning. Why is that?

Requesting Feedback for Delicious Results.

You’re invited by friends to come over for dinner. After the wine is served and the first bites are taken, the host asks “Do you like it?”. What would your response be to this genuine request for feedback?

Is Your Boss Too Old, or Your Peer Too Young?

More than ever, companies attempt to become versatile, progressive and diverse entities with flourishing cultures, which are attractive to their (potential) employees.

Praise Culture: Soft Trend or a Real Thing?

Today, increasingly more companies are trying to cultivate the culture of praise and recognition, where employees give each other praises openly for their achievements and capabilities.

Carrots and Sticks: Future Proof?

How do you get people to perform certain actions, and more importantly, do you need to reward them for everything they do?

How intuo Grows with intuo

This is a little story about how we use our own platform and how it has changed our dynamic. In a way, we are our own product's best test audience. If you're thinking now “Booo, sales pitch”, you'd be mistaken.

Derek Deasy on vulnerability and trust in a feedback culture

Derek Deasy is an Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD. We met during an event while doing the Grand Tour. The Grand Tour is an event that assembles speakers from the top business schools in Europe. Derek leads a session on leadership which triggered our interest multiple times.

The Open Source LMS: Are its hidden costs worth making?

Working with Open Source software is like wielding a two-handed broadsword: It’s a magnificent weapon if you can master it, but without the skill, chances are high you’ll look like a dangerous fool waving around a big piece of metal.

Retention in Professional Staffing

It’s a common trend in the professional staffing business that consultants decide to quit after one, two or (if you’re lucky) three years because they feel less engaged and less connected to your firm. Sounds familiar?

From Management to Empowerment

Increasingly more talents long for a sense of choice rather than being managed. They need leaders that coach them instead of bossy managers. They desire personal growth and challenges within their organisation instead of prefabricated tasks.

Happy to Be Working, or Working to Be Happy?

Although this question seems pretty straightforward, the answer might be crucial to a company’s success as well as an individual’s happiness.