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Tim Clauwaert

Co-founder & CEO at intuo

How do you make sure that your employees meet your organisation’s strategic goals? How can you find out whether your dealers know every technical detail of your product? And how do you transfer crucial knowledge to your customers in order to ascertain customer satisfaction?

Intuo’s goal is to help educate your customers, dealers and/or employees in order to convert them into power users.

  • We provide a learning platform, which allows you to transfer crucial knowledge easily and efficiently from the users’ computer to their fundamental, daily-used skill set.
  • We offer a platform that enables you to track the users’ learning progress and to assess the impact the virtual learning environment has on their knowledge.
  • We deliver actionable data that allows you to monitor and compare the users’ acquired knowledge and their continuous performance.

In short, Intuo is the ideal learning platform for every organisation that wants to build a valuable workforce. We believe that practice is knowledge. Our platform will be the first to close the gap between learning and doing. It focuses on discovering how much each dealer, salesperson or client knows about your product or service and on offering a way to take action accordingly.

Intuo provides a user-friendly tool, which allows you to identify potential obstacles and which offers solutions to take relevant, adequate action. Intuo makes managing knowledge in a professional way a fundamental aspect of your organisation’s toolbox.



What makes us different from other learning management systems (LMS) are the extra features we offer.

  • Organisational knowledge mapping helps to indicate how the knowledge of your employees, dealers and/or clients is spread throughout a country, a continent or the world. Basically, you get a visual summary of where the knowledge about your product or service is or is not sufficient.
  • Gamification of learning processes is a powerful way to increase user engagement. Intuo aims to make learning fun and, more importantly, helps to achieve your organisation’s strategic goals. Others may use gamification as a gimmick, but at Intuo, we take playful learning seriously.
  • Contacting your users in real-time becomes possible thanks to the chat and notification function: ask questions to users instantly or contact them proactively about important news or updates concerning your product or service.
  • Interactive learning is very effective in e-learning courses. As people in general are open to use several media types (such as videos, quizzes and presentations), Intuo enables you to use these to validate and improve learning effectiveness.
  • Transferring knowledge to different groups in a single platform becomes easy with Intuo thanks to the multiple ways to access your users.
  • Creating and combining certified e-learning courses will allow for an increase in credibility and overall quality – an indispensable aspect of every educational process.

A Different Perspective on eLearning

It all started with snowboarding. That is how Tim and I met, through this passion we share. Coming from self-employed parents, I grew up in the business world, joining my dad on working trips and so on. As soon as possible after graduation, I started working with my parents full-time. Gradually, my passion for business development, marketing, creation and optimisation bloomed.

Tim and I have been friends for ten years now. After graduating in bio-medics, Tim started working at a pharmaceutical company. However, after a year of spending our days working in a company where we could not flourish, we decided to start intuoTim is a visionary to the core and thinks further ahead than anyone else I have met. He is at his best when it comes to sales, product development and thinking about the future.

It did not take long before our team of two expanded to a team of four talented members. Our first addition was Philip, who currently supports the development team. Likewise, the kind Romanian Catalin joined our team as one of our lead developers. We also joined forces with small organisations such as Typework, who built the fundaments for Intuo. Today, Intuo consists of a team of driven members, each with their own talents.

Now you know who we are – a team of young, driven entrepreneurs – it is time for you to find out what it is we do.



Do you want to become an expert in learning management systems? Then make sure to keep an eye out for future articles on this blog. Our goal is to point out that LMS in itself is not enough for an efficient acquisition of knowledge. At Intuo, we link LMS with performance tracking and connect learning with doing. This is what makes intuo different: we are not a learning management system; it is merely a part of who we are and what we do.

We are certain that your organisation, too, would benefit from the advantages of the learning platform that intuo created. Controlling and improving the human capital of your company has been made simple and effective!

Are you interested in making the connection between learning and doing? Make sure to follow our blog and to request a demo at

Gilles Mattelin

(Founder of Intuo)