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4 Myths Surrounding Increasing Employee Engagement

Egyptians aren't the only ones with myths. They had the sun god Ra, we have employee engagement. So many things are said and written about engagement, it's hard to know what's fact and what's fiction.

How To Move To A Talent Focused Rewarding System

The original rewarding system with yearly rated performance reviews isn't working anymore, you know that. But what is working? Sure there must be an alternative?

How To Build A Strong Employer Brand

This Employer Branding Mini Guide boils down to two things: examples and tips on how to build a strong employer brand. Nothing more, nothing less.

Interview: How Airbnb Redefined its HR

Airbnb grew from 650 employees to 4000 in 4 years. We wanted to find out how the organisation dealt with such a significant employee increase and how such a booming organisation redefined its HR.

The Future Of Workforce Planning

HR managers want to align both business and HR needs, as well as make sure the organisation has the right people, with the right skills, at the right cost. How? By planning their workforce!

What Kind Of Feedback Persona Are You?

What if there was a fun and simple framework to help you discover what kind of feedback persona you are and what you could improve? We designed a framework with 6 different feedback personas.

One Simple Idea to Transform Your Management

We all have that one friend who can’t stop talking about all the things they get to do at work. They come home happier than they left in the morning. Why is that?

Derek Deasy on vulnerability and trust in a feedback culture

Derek Deasy is an Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD. We met during an event while doing the Grand Tour. The Grand Tour is an event that assembles speakers from the top business schools in Europe. Derek leads a session on leadership which triggered our interest multiple times.