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10 questions you should ask your remote employees

With so many people suddenly confined to working from home in these uncertain times, work can be pretty hard on your people’s mental wellbeing.

New kids on the block pt. 2: new features in the spotlight

Soon we’ll be releasing our Q2 product update. In the past few weeks we have already been dropping a few hints on what this release will include.

New kids on the block: added features in the spotlight

The intuo product team has done it again - we’re releasing a number of new functionalities for all our customers. Let’s put a few of them under the spotlight!

Engagement under a magnifying glass: Becoming Sherlock!

It’s common knowledge that the traditional annual surveys are a point-in-time snapshot wide perceptions and establish a baseline, they don’t help you address engagement throughout the year.

People Analytics 101: How to coach line managers to be great leaders

How do you know what areas of the business require the most of your attention, and what help do they require? Put your hands together for our first act: intuo’s insight module

HR's Massive Influence On Your Financial Growth

In today’s job market, competition for top talent is fierce. Employees have become consumers of the workplace, they choose where to work based on culture, aspiration and values.