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Culture and Engagement at Dropsolid

Sander Decuyper

Marketing & Communication Manager at intuo

Having an attractive culture is one thing. Well, it's one BIG thing of course. But preserving it during upscale phases is a challenge on its own. Sooner or later, your tight group of people from the early days will grow and split up into teams. Every new hire requires another piece of your attention span and spending time with each and every one of them becomes near impossible. With INTUO, Dropsolid boldly shouts: "Challenge accepted!"

Culture and Engagement at Dropsolid

About Dropsolid

Dropsolid is a fast-growing digital business company that helps other businesses grow by assisting them in their digital transformation. They provide services and web solutions based on the Drupal open-source technology. Both big and SME/smaller companies are welcome organisations. Era, Synergie, Bellewaerde and Boerenbond are just a couple of their customers.

Steven and Dominique De Cooman started Dropsolid back in March of 2013 and have been able to expand their team to 55 full-time employees in just under four years. Their investments in their own brand and people have resulted in a popular approach and added value in services, according to their clients.

Staying up to date with all of their people was a must for Steven and Dominique. It was manageable up to 20-25 employees. After that, they felt the need for some help in that area. Their five core values - Trust, Help, Challenge, Grow and Enjoy - are essential for their culture. INTUO is their help to preserve and distribute these values. Measuring Dropsolid's happiness is now possible and, according to Steven, unmissable.


What are you able to do with INTUO that you couldn’t do before?

Steven: Stay aware of how the team feels.

Who is working with INTUO and how are they experiencing it?

Steven: They all do! They think it’s meaningful, the check-ins allow them to talk freely to their manager. The praises are fun and easy to distribute good things that happen in the company. The managers have a good overview of their team, conflicts or disagreements quickly surface and are quickly addressed.

How does it benefit the organization internally?

Steven: We can measure how our company feels! With figures and stats! Wow ;) I often talk to other company owners and ask them “Do you measure your company’s happiness?” Most of the time I hear ”No, that’s not possible” or “Yeah, we talk over lunch to our employees”, that’s when I tell them that they should talk to the guys from Intuo!

How does it benefit the organisation strategically?

Steven: It’s a scalable model. If we would open extra offices, we have this metric locked and consultable at any location.

In what way does INTUO stand out from its competitors?

Steven: It’s a good thing that they are very accessible, always up for input to improve their software and a company that shares the same spirit of our company.

How do you see the future for your organisation now INTUO is a part of it?

Steven: Rainbows and unicorns :) This is a tool that has become part of our daily operations and proves it value every day. The day we would switch it off, we’d notice a difference immediately.

Movie Transcript


My name’s Steven Pepermans; I’m Co-founder and COO of Dropsolid.

At Dropsolid we help other businesses grow by taking care of their digital transformation.

We always do this with the mindset of supporting them with our expertise and experience. We don't just provide them with solutions they ask us. We always think with them about the best solution for their business.

One of the challenges that comes with a steep growth path like ours is: How do we get to stay in touch with all of our employees? How do we keep track of how they feel… about their job, about their colleagues, their team, their company… Everything.

If you can't find a way to maintain the core values, who's to say that you will be able to stay successful? People might no longer take the initiative to innovate, and to learn new stuff, support each other, and enjoy themselves... Take away your culture and your engagement simply disappears.

So we made one very important resolution: We would not allow ourselves to become a company people don't like to work for.

And with INTUO, it suddenly became very easy to say: "Challenge accepted."

We now have a great overview on our company's happiness. If we see a drop in a certain area, we can act on it almost immediately.

The most important thing of course: Our people get it. They understand what it means to keep the culture alive and even more so: How to contribute to it.

It makes them think more actively of how they experience work.

INTUO is the best way for them to let us know how we can make it better.

Switch it off, and we would notice the difference immediately.