Customer Story Amon: happy employees, our most valuable asset

The weekend is approaching at the Amon office, but nobody is leaving before they have answered their intuo engagement pulse.

Customer Story Amon: happy employees, our most valuable asset

How satisfied are our employees? We are not afraid to ask them!

Friday afternoon, 2 p.m. The weekend is approaching at the Amon office, but nobody is leaving before they have answered their intuo engagement pulse. No, intuo isn’t a new customer we haven’t introduced yet. It is a digital platform that sends five questions every week to asses our employee satisfaction. And it’s about more than just having fun at the office. 

Continuous evaluation keeps us on our toes

HR Officer Lotte Vandewalle explains how intuo works: “From a list of more than 100 relevant questions the platform picks a few random questions such as ‘How much autonomy do you have, do you have enough growth opportunities, does the organisation encourage you to develop your ideas?’ and so on. All the answers to these questions provide a great amount of information to continuously evaluate the pulse of our organisation.” The platform processes everything into well-arranged scores that hold up a mirror to our organisation at all times.  

Every employee can view the status of the team and organisation’s engagement. Lotte: “In addition to the overall score, we can also zoom in on a team, a person or a specific topic. For example, we can see what our employees think of internal communication, our autonomous way of working or their growth opportunities.”

“A satisfied employee is less likely to leave the organisation voluntarily, an engaged employee is inclined to take extra steps when necessary.” 

Our HR Masterplan

Since 2009, SD Worx holds an annual large-scale research on employee satisfaction. In general, this research shows that Belgian employees feel less satisfied and engaged with their employer year after year. At Amon, we are aware of a growing organisation’s pitfalls and we are determined not to fall for them. An organisation that wants to grow, must invest. Especially in its employees.   

In 2016 we distributed our own first satisfaction survey. The results formed the basis for our HR Masterplan. “What we consider important in our relationships with clients and candidates, we extend within our own organisation: bringing people together, inspiring them and making them grow,” Lotte explains.  

With our HR Masterplan, we aim at being an employer that employees are proud of. That implies that their job challenges them and gives them energy. That they feel appreciated and can grow personally. We also give everyone the opportunity to make decisions within their roles. Moreover, they receive training in time management and how to deal with stress, in order for them to learn how to deal with work pressure in a positive way.   

Do not tackle every little problem

By continuously questioning our employees, Amon monitors whether the plan delivers what we had in mind. Where necessary, we adjust it. “The colleagues notice that we really do something with their weekly input,” says Lotte. “Week after week, they keep answering the questions the intuo platform asks them. They can also provide the score they have given with an additional explanation and they often do so.”   

As an HR Officer, Lotte keeps a close eye on the scores and the various aspects of engagement. "Once a month I examine the results in detail. Good scores are in green, red scores indicate points of attention. I really dig into the metrics. I try to determine the causes and find out if it’s necessary to take action. We have learnt from experience that we shouldn’t always immediately do something about every red score. We used to do this, but tackling every little problem caused too many changes in the way we work. Which in turn led to other concerns among employees. But if a decreasing trend continues on a certain aspect, we ask for oral feedback from the team before making adjustments."

360° feedback

One of the other intuo features that Amon introduced based on input from the engagement measurements is giving and asking feedback. Lotte: “We noticed that our employees lacked that skill. They weren’t aware of certain matters that they were less successful in and were not given enough pats on the back for small successes. Within an organisation that enjoys celebrating her overall successes, that was something we could still improve. So we did.” 

“With intuo, everyone can give and ask for feedback to everyone, regardless of their position or role within the organisation.” 


Lotte explains: “If you and a colleague went on an intake interview to a client, you can afterwards ask that colleague what they thought you did well and what you can still improve. Of course we also do that verbally, while we are driving home together. But we also keep it up to date in intuo. This way someone can consult that information in the future and look back on his/her own growth. Intuo does not replace our oral communication, it empowers it.”  

Through intuo, we also measure and evaluate the personal goals that all employees, in consultation with a coach, set for themselves. Free of obligation, but at least equally pleasant for the recipient, are the praises our employees can send each other. “I recently congratulated our colleague Aline for working here for 1 year. I told her what I appreciate about her. Receiving such a message from a colleague is very pleasant and motivating”, says Lotte.      

Alive and kicking

Lotte has made it her mission to keep the HR Masterplan and the initiatives that emerge from it alive. “Each quarter I gather all colleagues to go over the engagement results. I try to get people acquainted with our performance management approach by doing small initiatives like putting a message on the board in our entrance hall every week or sharing a pro tip on good work-life balance.”

“In fact, I can conclude that talking to our employees are the basis of our HR policy. The combination of the digital platform and regular personal conversations gives us a clear view of the pulse of our team. With that information we are making Amon an even better place to work, day after day.” 

This customer story was first published on Amon's website in Dutch.

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