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How In The Pocket Benefits from intuo

Tim Clauwaert

Co-founder & CEO at intuo

Jeroen Lemaire is the co-founder and CEO of In The Pocket, which is a Digital Product Studio with the mission of creating the digital products that make people happy and business grow. Intuo is happy to have In The Pocket on board, as they understand very well how feedback and qualitative communication are at the base of great working environment. Here is a short interview with Jeroen Lemaire on how intuo benefits In The Pocket.

What is In The Pocket and how does it make the world a better place?

In The Pocket is a Digital Product Studio. With a team of 75, mostly engineers and product designers, we create digital products that make people happy, and companies grow.

Could you please introduce yourself and what your role within In The Pocket is?

I’m co-founder and CEO of In The Pocket. After studying philosophy and spending some years in the entertainment industry, I decided to pursue my passion for digital and found In The Pocket, together with Louis Jonckheere and Pieterjan Bouten.


Jeroen Lemaire

Challenges Before intuo

How is your organisation structured?

Teams are the cornerstones of our organisation. We have multidisciplinary and autonomous teams that can carry a digital product from business goal to release.

What were you trying to achieve before INTUO?

We evolved our functional talks and a formal evaluation program to a continuous feedback culture.

What was the challenge of doing so?

Scaling feedback in the company, while keeping everyone in sync with the mission and values of the company turned out to be a “tough nut to crack.”

What were the consequences of not using a tool such as intuo?

We stayed with the old program, and 1-to-1 feedback conversations were organised ad hoc, without being formally structured and monitored by the Talent-team.


Teams are In The Pocket's cornerstone

Intuo's Benefits

How does INTUO benefit the organisation strategically?

It helps us to implement a continuous feedback cycle in all teams, through which our talent management gains agility, and our people get more control over their career.

In what way does INTUO stand out from its competitors?

Intuo gets the basics right and stays away from the complexity of many traditional tools, which makes a complex process simple and fun.