How intuo Grows with intuo

This is a little story about how we use our own platform and how it has changed our dynamic. In a way, we are our own product's best test audience. If you're thinking now “Booo, sales pitch”, you'd be mistaken.

How intuo Grows with intuo

This is a little story about how we use our own platform and how it has changed our dynamic. In a way, we are our own product's best test audience. If you're thinking now “Booo, sales pitch”, you'd be mistaken. I do want to assure you that I’m not going to try to tell you a picture-perfect story in order to create more inbound leads. Nope. It's just about our challenges accompanied with the milestones and small and big victories that have nurtured the growth of the entire intuo team.


A Tough Nut to Crack

A culture of praise is not something you can achieve in a day. The initial resistance (and reluctance) to post praises publicly on the platform was pretty high, even though everyone was well aware of the wonders and impact of good recognition. It started with constantly reminding ourselves of its importance and getting accustomed with the fuzzy "goosebumps" when you genuinely compliment someone.

When talking about resistance, there is one person I have to mention in particular: Our COO, Gilles. Even though he's a co-founder and he firmly believes in the impact intuo can make, he is not really the most open person. Some would even call him a bit skeptical and somewhat indifferent at times. For instance, he is more comfortable with giving and receiving feedback rather than recognition. We used to label him as a "hard nut to crack.” However, over the course of a couple of months, this had changed.

Gilles, our VP Sales and resident "tough nut to crack"

We started with baby steps. A couple of people started to post the things that we told in person onto the platform, creating a habit out of it. The power of this behavior is that everyone in the company was able to take notice of it, reducing the threshold bit by bit. You could start to feel that people wanted to get in on the whole "recognize my work" trend that was going on. After a while, the majority of our company was logging their appraisal in our platform and everyone also became more comfortable with sharing compliments in real life. It really turned into a "thing we just do around here."

The intuo platform had given the intuo people a pair of eyes that were able to see the efforts of others and a voice that could express recognition for them. Even for Gilles. Everyone was surprised to see his first praise on the platform. Sure, it was a one-liner, but everyone starts small right? As of today, we can't say he has become a praise guru of any kind, but that's fine. The important thing is he went from zero to not zero, which is a rise of 100% in terms of value to the company and its people. Intuo is designed to facilitate, not to dictate. As long as recognition happens when it's due, and it's genuine, then it's mission accomplished for us.


Arne with some genuine appraisal during our Q3 meeting

The intuoversity

Our own Learn module was initially mainly used for onboarding new team members. It's where we store all our knowledge and wisdom about the New World of Work and how we pass on that knowledge.

As time allowed it, we started to find more and more ways to fully integrate our learning platform in our daily operations. We log product updates, turn useful articles into courses, best practices, etc. We even have a complete course on our nearest competitors, to always make sure we're on top of things.

We go exploring every day, taking input and feedback from any angle.


One of our strengths is that intuo consists of a lot of relatively young team members who are always thirsty for more knowledge. We are curious about the future of the HR industry, how SaaS businesses function, how to develop their good leadership… So we tend to self-educate quite a lot. But it doesn't end there. Thanks to our platform and everyone contributing to it, we are well aware of the power of sharing knowledge. It's one thing to know about something, but breaking it down into key takeaways and distributing that knowledge opened the door to a whole other level of education. It became a social behaviour where everyone was looking out for each other's knowledge as well.

As a result, our very own intuoversity was founded.

Every Thursday or Friday during lunch, everyone will come together and a volunteer will teach us something. It can be anything, not necessarily on the topic of talent management. One lunch we're trying to complete a puzzle in small groups without talking, another we leave the room with the five most frequently used Comp&Ben tracks of organisations.

Afterwards, our dear dean Max will post a summary of what we've learned onto the platform. This way people who couldn't make it are being kept in the loop and new people have an extensive library of knowledge at their disposal. Want a key take away from all of this? Make and keep learning exciting. Everyone likes to learn, that's a fact. What really decides if it actually happens or not, is the way it is done.


Tim giving this week's intuoversity class"

intuo Hearts intuo

A company culture is not created overnight. It takes a lot of conscientious effort to engage teams and nurture habits within people. Leading by example is vital to make anything succeed. Whether it's to cultivate the culture of praise and feedback or to encourage continuous learning... to do anything really. Let people experience the benefits, stimulate the behaviour, and good things will come out of it.

We are intuo's biggest fans. That's kind of a "duh" thing to say, but it's the truth. We see so much potential in the platform and experience the power on a daily basis that it's hard not to get excited by the possibilities that lie ahead. Not just for us, but for everyone who's using it. Yes, there is still much territory left undiscovered, but it would be wrong to see this as anything but an opportunity. We go exploring every day, taking input and feedback from any angle. Give us your best shot when it comes to ideas, and we'll give ours at realising them.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have an intuoversity class on Artificial Intelligence waiting for me.


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