How To Keep Your Employees Happy & Engaged

Hana Belbecir

Content Manager at intuo I believe continuous learning is the way to become the best version of yourself.

Employee happiness and wellbeing are hot topics. Actually, hot topics is an understatement. Everywhere in the world, there are conferences on how to make your employees happy. It's no secret anymore that employers need to invest in employee happiness, and if you weren't convinced yet, I think the thousands books, youtube videos, newly chief happiness officers and hundreds of congresses are a definite proof of this.

Happiness and wellbeing are at the basis of a good employee experience. It’s often seen as something soft, something everyone knows they should pay attention to, but no one really does or they just want to do the bare minimum. This reflects on employees. They know and feel you do or don’t care about their happiness. The famous sentence: "People may forget what you said but never how you made them feel" is very much applicable in our worklife. If we don't feel happy at work we will not perform how we should and after a while we will probably leave.

Success does not necessarily bring happiness, happiness has a causal effect on success

A common misconception is that employee happiness depends on how many hours someone’s working or whether they are being paid enough. While that’s not entirely false, employee happiness and general wellbeing at work first and foremost centre around the job itself: Do I have enough control over my work? Is there enough clarity? Is what I’m doing contributing enough? Are my tasks varied enough? Do I get training and support? Is there flexibility?


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On a second level, it’s about personal feelings & preferences: Does my employer care about me? Can I relate to the company’s values and beliefs? Am I being treated fairly? Am I being paid fairly? Do I have a good work-life balance? Does my employer care about my health?

Now that we have shortly discussed what employee happiness is really about, it's time to take action. Sure, you want your employees to love their job so that they perform better, but your intention shouldn’t be to start pampering and fulfilling everyone’s personal needs to make them happier because that isn’t going to work. It might even harm your leadership credibility. Your main purpose should be to increase happiness and wellbeing for a better employee experience. We have written a mini guide with tips and workshops on how you can actively increase employee happiness. Download it below!

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