HR Is Changing And So Should Its Events

A desk- yoga session, a laughter coach and 12 remote speakers made TEC Online an event experience unlike HR has ever seen.

HR Is Changing And So Should Its Events

Organising and hosting an online event has its challenges. A free online event is nothing like an in-person event where you can easily network, and everyone is in the same room for a keynote. We know that during an online event people tune in for their favourite speaker, they check their emails and have screaming children in the background. Our challenge was to reinvent HR events, while re-inventing HRAnd that is exactly what we did on May 26 and 27. TEC online had 1289 registrants in less than 4 weeks, and has a total of 4.569 views in less than one week.

Be the change you want to see

The feedback our team usually has about online events is always that it often misses a fun atmosphere that really grabs your attention, but that it's nice that you are able to interact in the chat and ask your questions in real-time. Something that is more challenging during a real-life event. Physical events on the other hand are always assumed to be more lively, and something people look forward to attending, but they don't always want to see every keynote speaker. So, we decided we would combine both. A fun, lively event, with attention to wellbeing and where you attend the sessions that you believe will inspire you the most.

Rather than being limited by the current corona crisis because we couldn't host this event in a normal event setting, we decided to mix it up. No webinar-like setting, but 2 decorated sets, an easy to follow livestream on Youtube and Facebook, two moderators and a change of t-shirt for each speaker. There were no long keynotes where you check your watch 3 times a minute, but rather short and snappy talks where all attendees could ask live questions in the chat. This proved to be a big success, on day one of the conference we had 1200 unique attendees! Which is a 90% attendance rate. These are numbers a physical conference could almost never attain.       IMG_8717

During 2 afternoons, TEC Online was about people and employee experience. Two topics that have been under a lot of pressure lately. International speakers discussed the new normal, the never normal and why there is no better time for HR to innovate. Each talk was tailored to what is happening during the COVID-19 crisis, but mostly how HR plays a crucial role in people's careers, now and in the future.

Hosting an event is about teaching and giving people an experience they talk about for months or even years later. If you want to relive TEC Online or if you don't know what I or everyone in the HR wold is talking about, watch the aftermovie below!