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Increase Your Level of Job Satisfaction by 25%

Jorn Vanysacker

VP Marketing at Intuo I'm a strong believer in "VISION" as a base for innovation and future exploration. My entrepreneurial spirit drives my passion in creating great concepts and brands that are aligned with a shared vision, every step of the way

Lea Water found that feeling grateful predicts 25% of your job satisfaction. By ‘feeling grateful’ Waters refers to ‘you being grateful’ and/or ‘working in a workplace that has a culture of gratitude.'

Below are three ‘Do It Yourself’ tricks to move your team and organisation towards a culture of gratitude:

Gratitude letters and journals

Ask yourself and your team members to do the following at the end of every day: “when you get home, please write down three things you feel grateful for at work.” Next, you take it a small step further and ask them to write a note, in which to thank a co-worker. You’ll quickly notice that this approach forces you not just to look at what is going wrong, something a lot of managers tend to do. Instead, it makes you sit down and think of “what went well today?” and “what exactly am I grateful for at my job?”

Feeling grateful determines 25% of your overall job satisfaction

Random acts of kindness

Leave some flowers or a funny post-it on your colleague’s desk, or buy them their favourite snack... for no specific reason other than the fact you like them being there. Send a thank you card to your customer or compose a small shout-out on your social media channels, etc. These acts of kindness will leave you feeling good about yourself and make the receiver’s day. A no-brainer right?


How we randomly thank our customers and partners at intuo


“What went well” & Peer recognition programs

I remember being invited to the StoryMe HQ one Friday evening. I was amazed by how all the 50+ employees sat together, had a beer, and started their “good and bad” session. At such a “good and bad” session each member spoke up about what they believe went well that week, or what could have gone better. I witnessed how sharing the “bads” led up to people getting together afterward and converse on how they could help each other. On the other hand, the “goods” rarely were a one-person job —filling the room with praise and applause for the teams!

To maintain and grow their gratitude culture, StoryMe has recently adopted our INTUO platform, to allow them to capture all praises and feedback. Even more, INTUO enables StoryMe to get a good understanding of how their employees wish to grow within the fast growing organisation they have become. Slightly different, yet similar to StoryMe, we have adopted “Thankful Fridays” which occurs each Friday after our team meeting. We each take the time to thank one specific individual or team(s) in the company for how they have impressed us, surprised us, helped someone out, or handled a certain situation.

Create a habit out of these three tricks, keep it up, and after 4 months signs of a culture of gratitude will have slipped into your organisation, positively impacting your and your colleagues’ job satisfaction.

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