Intuo becomes Unit4 Talent Management

... and we're super excited about it! 
3500 awesome new colleagues and the support of a large ERP provider, what's not to like?

Of course, if I'm honest, saying goodbye to our name and logo brings a small tear to my eye. But the future looks bright and the opportunities are endless! 

To soften the blow of the change, (both for us and for you) we'll take everything slowly. In this blog, we share what steps we're taking and what the positive effects are of each of them. 

Intuo becomes Unit4 Talent Management
Brand Transition Explainer


First of all, we want to start off by saying: Thanks!
It's because of you, our community, customers, users and trusty followers that we were able to grow the intuo brand at such an amazing speed and with such an great outcome.
A lot has happend between founding intuo in 2014 and the acquisition by Unit4 in 2019. The hard work and dedication of our team has definitely payed off. So it's with a certain proudness that we announce this next step for our brand.  

To give you an overview of what you changes we're going through, we have made a clear timeline that you can see below.

Timeline brand

  1. Intuo joins the Unit4 family - April 2019

    Unit4, an ERP provider with its HQ in the Netherlands, was looking to expand its offering of 'soft' HR with a product that represents their mission, vision and values. They found the perfect partner, just across the border, in intuo. The great product in combination with the young and dynamic team at intuo made Unit4 partner up with intuo.

Unit4 announcement 2019


  1. Intuo and Unit4 start merging behind the scenes

    The teams at intuo and Unit4 join forces by supporting each other to create the best possible product for their customers. A long term plan is created to integrate both the intuo brand and product into the larger U4 offering, with current customers and prospects in mind.


  1. Intuo by Unit4 - from September 2019

    Intuo changes its name to intuo by Unit4. Our young and agile team learns from Unit4's more experienced processes and vice versa. It's the first visual sign of the changes that have been going on behind the scenes. It shows (potential) customers that intuo has received the trust and backing from Unit4.

    intuoByUnit4 logo
  2. Unit4 intuo (YOU ARE HERE) - from September 2020

    We believe it's important for the followers of the intuo brand that we take our time with this transition. So everyone has a chance to see that we're in a transition phase and expects that change. 
    That's why the intuo logo is still present in this step. It's our way of saying: 'Don't worry, we're still here'. The team, knowledge and HQ will stay exactly where it is. Everything that you see, read or watch with this logo on it, is still made by the team that you have trusted for months and years before. 

  3. Unit4 Talent Management - from January 2021

    The 'intuo' name no longer exists. Our new name, starting from January 2021, will be Unit4 Talent Management. We will be a part of the larger Unit4 Human Capital Management offering.
    Unit4 HCM is the combination of the people focussed performance management approach of Unit4 Talent Management (formerly known as intuo) with the efficiency of Unit4's core HR processes such as payroll, and time management.
    As far as the product goes, it's the same motivated and experienced people that keep developing our platform and the same caring team that looks after our customers. 


We hope you are as excited as we are about the future.
Let's create an even bigger impact in the Human Resources world!

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, feel free to contact us ->

The Unit4 intuo team