Intuo Raises €850.000

Sander Decuyper

Marketing & Communication Manager at intuo

Ghent (Belgium), 16 May 2016 – Belgian SaaS INTUO announces a €850.000 fundraising to develop the first 360° integrated suite for talent management. This funding round will support the further commercialisation and development of INTUO’s new talent management suite with the intention of creating high-performing, people-centric companies.

Happy Employees - Today's Competitive Edge

Happy employees are the ones who thrive the most at work. Employee happiness however, is not that easy to attain: it requires a transparent career path, clear goals, and targeted coaching to achieve personal growth, as well as the feeling of being part of a team. Only that personal approach can make employees more engaged towards their employers and turn companies into more performant, innovative and agile businesses.

With employees switching careers every 4 years (millennials on average every 2.2 years), tech companies have to act faster and become more innovative in managing their talent. Intuo’s suite supports this strategy by helping companies manage their talent and get better personal and business results. It now bridges the gap between well-being and business performance via their unique online tool and leadership training that bundle together all the important aspects of talent nurturing. Successful employers are the ones who manage to optimise the time spent at the company, while keeping the personal goals of employees and company opportunities aligned.

What Makes Employees Stay

Intrinsically motivated, engaged employees will not only enjoy work more, they will also be more effective, more creative, better at conflict resolution and even have a better immune system. Also, these employees are less likely to experience negative effects of stress such as burnouts. Engaged workers are also up to 87%* (source : insyncsurveys) less likely to leave the company. A recent Gallup survey estimates the annual cost of lost productivity due to emotionally distressed and burnt out employees at 9 billion euro, in Germany alone.

Intuo’s suite can help companies make the complete switch from a practical work model of time in exchange for money, to a new, human work model where skills and talent are also rewarded by the opportunity to grow. Organisations that already have the right mindset can use Intuo’s tool and knowledge to facilitate conversations, for personality lookups, to build transparent objectives, consolidate personal strengths and give/receive feedback and recognition. Others can use it to facilitate the transition and become a people-centric business model step by step.

Tim Clauwaert continues: “Businesses must align personal growth with organisational goals: it allows talent to evolve with the company. And that’s where we differ from other tools in the market. We’re the only SaaS company able to offer a full solution suite in the market.”

A 360° Approach Towards Talent Growth

Intuo was founded in 2013 by Belgian entrepreneurs Tim Clauwaert, Gilles Mattelin and Philip De Smedt. The company’s story first began as a learning management system, but the SaaS is evolved into a 360° suite, including all important dimensions of talent management: engagement, performance and learning. When fully integrated, these dimensions allow talent to grow and evolve in sync with the company.

Intuo is about giving employees the opportunity to learn, changing from management to coaching, using continuous feedback to perform better every day, as well as encouraging and nurturing engagement. This results in a mindset of continuous growth.

Intuo’s Three Services:

Engagement: Well-being of employees is a number 1 strategic concern for companies, as it is one of the most relevant indicators of future business performance. The tool uses proven models in order to measure stress levels and engagement issues. It does so continuously, which allows employers to respond more quickly, avoiding employee churn.

Performance: The software facilitates flexibility in the organisation by providing context for a culture of continuous real-time feedback, helping employees to always perform better, linking performance to personal or team goals, providing a transparent profile of every employee with their aspirations and strengths and helping them develop in their right competences.

Learning: Intuo offers a central online hub to train employees, but also partners and customers. Intuo also empowers employees to participate in the development of the business by offering them the opportunity to anonymously suggest improvements to the working environment.

Tim Clauwaert concludes: "Employees who used to exchange time for money, now exchange skills for personal growth. Companies that can harvest this need for personal growth by linking it to their own business needs are the ones that will thrive. Any company failing to provide continuous room and opportunity for growth is faced with churn, bad performance and decreased competitiveness. Old HR models in a new economy, simply don’t work anymore. The era of once-a-year-feedback rounds is over and has made room for continuous employee interaction. Companies that don’t adapt to that new reality will fail miserably."

About intuo

Intuo was founded in 2013 by Belgian entrepreneurs Tim Clauwaert, Gilles Mattelin and Philip De Smedt. With our talent management suite, we want to help companies to achieve their mission and to align their people with that mission by engaging them, letting them grow and ultimately unlocking their true potential. Our intent is to support our clients in becoming high-performing, people-centric companies. Intuo’s strategy is based on 4 core anchors: helping organisations achieve their mission, creating a striving state at work, talent management and company culture. These anchors play a crucial role in how we develop our product and company. We aim to deliver the highest quality in technology, with a big focus on user experience. Our technology enables our customers and partners to achieve and facilitate their mission or work. Intuo is used by more than 100k users. For more information: