4 takeaways about the future of HR. First part

Experts on remote working, HR analytics, technology and unicorns shared their knowledge on the first day of TEC online. Did you miss it? We wrote the main take aways of each keynote in this blog.

4 takeaways about the future of HR. First part

Lights, cameras, action! Our very first day of the Online Talent Enablement Conference exceeded even our own expectations. Starting with a very contagious laughing session and ending with tips on how to grow as a badass unicorn, the first day of TEC left us with tons of learnings. If you weren't able to attend or you want a summary of what has been said, keep reading.

Leah Nokbler on how to build an amazing remote culture..

After working in a remote first company for almost five years, Leah talked about the 4 key elements that will help you to keep a culture alive when working remotely: trust, transparency, collaboration and communication. But don't forget that as an organisation you should decide on what tools you are going to use and for which purposes, because people need to know what to use and for what, otherwise collaboration and communication will not be possible.

Leah Nokbler- TEC


Glenn Walschap and Olivier Van Loo discussed how to start with HR analytics.

In this conversational presentation, Glenn identified 4 concepts that will help you when you are planning on introducing an HR analytics initiative:

  • People: Who are your employees and what are their goals?
  • Business: How can HR analytics create value and support strategic planning in your organisation? How do you get these answers? Simply, by asking your people. 
  • Data: What and how will you gather data? Based on your purpose decide what tools can better work for you. Don't forget GDPR!
  • Strategy: HR professionals, get ready to sit at the strategy table and bring value with recommendations and predictions based on data from your workforce.

    Glenn Walschap & Olivier TEC 1


Peter Hinssen and the future of work:

Many of us are constantly questioning how we are going to live and work in this constantly changing environment, Peter presented VACINE, a 6 letters recipe to approach the new never normal.

  • Velocity: Think on how you can accelerate your current processes.
  • AgilityMove fast and adapt to situation quickly.
  • Creativity: Unlock the creativity of your people by taking them out of their comfort zone and training them to come up with creative solutions.
  • Innovation: Organisations will have to reinvent themselves constantly, let's open up the innovative potential of your workforce!
  • Network: Use the power of your network. Analyse what they are facing and see how you can collaborate.
  • Experimentation: Decrease the cost of failure by constant experimentation.

"We don't know what's going to happen, one thing is clear: your tools have to change"


Peter Hinssen TEC


Alice Ter Haar. How to grow as a badass unicorn?

You have probably heard the word unicorn, a term inspired on the mythical animal that describe start ups that achieved a company value over $1 billion. Inspired by this term, Alice talked about how you, as an individual, can become a unicorn by understanding your unique value proposition. Get to know yourself better, identify your skills and deliver your value to your colleagues, teams and organisation!


Alice Ter Haar


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