Retention in Professional Staffing

Max van Veen

Business Developer at intuo

It’s a common trend in the professional staffing business. After spending a lot of energy in hiring and training consultants, they decide to quit after one, two or (if you’re lucky) three years because they feel less engaged and less connected to your firm on the way. Sounds familiar? Read on to find out how you can boost those engagement levels!

The crowded talent fishing pool

Losing employees at a high rate is extremely costly, especially since recruiting them is a challenge. Nowadays, clients require people with specific skill sets, which means that you often find yourself fishing in the same talent pool as all your competitors. But fishing is a time-consuming activity, and you want to focus more on servicing your clients, matching interesting projects to your consultants, and helping them reach their personal goals (assuming you’re juggling these four balls simultaneously).

This last factor is crucial. More and more people want to be regularly coached on their strengths and weaknesses, and look for a company that supports them in reaching their personal goals. Think about your Employee Value Proposition (EVP): why does a consultant want to work for you, instead of working for one of your clients directly? It’s less and less about compensation, and more and more about investing in their personal development. They chose your staffing company because you offer specialised trainings. They chose you because you have a kick-ass client portfolio. They chose you, because they want the flexibility to work on temporary projects in which they can apply their expertise.

Because of these reasons, coaching is so important. And I don’t mean the “Oh hey, it’s time for our mid-year follow-up meeting again”-type of coaching. I mean the type of coaching in which you sit together more regularly and have a short but high-quality conversation about somebody’s personal development goals. By offering your ear and taking actions on the spot, you make consultants more connected and engaged to your company.


In a study conducted by and Berenschot, the lack of Career Development Opportunities was picked by most consultants as their main motivation for leaving. (Source: “Consulting HR Market Report 2013”)

Most account managers are handling an increasing amount of consultants. The challenge? Coach more without cutting time on recruiting and business development activities. The trick? Digitalisation. Make smart technology work for you!

Thank God for Tech!

intuo's tool helps managers with their time management and consultants in reaching their development goals:

  1. Personalised growth paths, and increasing the quality of the conversation
  2. Offering a continuous learning environment
  3. Keeping track of engagement levels at all times

intuo supports a stronger, and more dynamic company culture, in which people can thrive. Just see how it played out at Planet Talent. With our tool, we help you in creating an even stronger EVP, and beat the competition with an engaged and trained army of consultants that adapts more quickly to the market. Immediate results, which will blow your retention rates through the roof!

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