New Features, New Integrations, New Designs: a roundup of our summer product release

Welcome to the first Unit4 Talent Management product release.

New Features, New Integrations, New Designs: a roundup of our summer product release

That's right, it's not called intuo anymore. As you know, intuo got acquired in April 2019 by Unit4. Except for a name change and some small brand changes, no big changes will be made for you. The url remains unchanged for now. For more information on this change, read the latest blog post by our VP Marketing of HCM, Jorn Vanysacker.

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Now onto the topic of the day, the upcoming summer release. Some very exciting features are coming your way on September 15. Let's dig into the details:

If you prefer to watch a video of Siemon and me showing you the release than read this short blog, click here

New roles & permissions

Our platform facilitates three roles: admin, team leader, and user. In this new release, we will be adding the possibility to add an extra role to empower the local (HR) officer and make changes to the team leader role.


Local HR Officer:

The HR Officer role is meant for users who needs extra permissions or visibility rights. With the HR Officer role it will be possible to give a user admin rights per module and/or a segment of your users. This makes it possible to share responsibilities; or to report on a certain segment of your user base.


The Team Leader role is the default role for all users who lead a team. For every Team Leader role you can decide whether they can manage their own team composition, i.e. add and remove users from their team; and set the hierarchy depth.

Adding hierarchy views to objectives (Objective Tree)

Cascading objectives, from the organisational level down to a team or individual level, is still a very relevant and widely-used practice, whether you are a start-up or a corporate organisation. Our tool already facilitates this, but now we’re improving the way that you can visualise the hierarchy in these linked objectives. This will further improve transparency on where your organisation's impact is being generated.

Outlook Plugin to plan one-on-one conversations

Some of you were probably cheering when you read Outlook Plugin. We have added the much anticipated Outlook Plugin to our set of features. Gone are the days that you need to manually align calendars to try and find a suitable time for your next meeting. With the Outlook plugin you will be able to directly access your colleagues' Outlook calendar to check their availability, plan the conversation in their Outlook calendar, and any changes made in the Outlook calendar will be reflected in the Unit4 talent management platform. Mark September 15 in your Outlook agenda ;)

Spot trends with the improved engagement overview

In this new release, you will see that your engagement dashboard looks brand new. The new design is even more accessible, easy to navigate, and easy to understand.


The new overview will include:

  • more clarity on what data is shown: the filters allow you to look at certain periods, teams and pulses for either the overall engagement or specific drivers. On top of that the participation rate, scores, and questions have all been tackled.
  • more focus on the essential information to take the necessary actions: you’ll clearly see which points to address, fluctuations in the data and potential trends. Strengths and weaknesses get shown and a dash of color not only makes it easy on the eyes but creates a bird’s eye view of how you’re doing.
  • more attractive user interface: through intense testing and redesigning we’ve been able to create a user experience that gets you to where you need to go, shows you what you want to see and tells you what you want and need to hear.

All these improvements and many more will come your way September 15. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your customer success manager.