Talent Enablement Conference 2018: What You Can Expect

Hana Belbecir

Content Manager at intuo I believe continuous learning is the way to become the best version of yourself.

6 international speakers, 10 break-out sessions, 300 CHRO's & HR Business Partners and delicious food. Do you need more reasons to come to the Talent Enablement Conference 2018? Keep on reading then. 

From Reinventing Performance Management to Talent Enablement, that is the main topic from TEC 2018 on 25 October. Our speakers can't wait to let you in on all their secrets. Here's a little preview. 

Mark Levy, Airbnb

We are very happy to welcome Mark Levy, former head of Employee Experience at Airbnb to TEC. Mark will talk about how he shifted Airbnb's traditional HR mindset to employee experience and how he was able to hire more than 3000 people in 4 years. His talk will be full of best practices looking at the end to end employee journey through the creation of employee experience and how he was able to implement all this in the organisation.

Watch the video below to get to know everything about Mark's talk!


He has already delighted us in a previous interview, needless to say we are very excited to welcome him on our stage. 

speaker_shawnShawn Murphy, WorqIQ

"Up to 70% of how employees feel about their experience of work is shaped by the relationship with their manager. Unfortunately,
about ¾ of the global workforce have a negative experience of work. What contributes to those results is an unforgettable experience of work that lingers even after employees leave a company."

As CEO and author of "the optimistic workplace", you can say Shawn Murphy knows his way around employee experience. 

Shawn will talk about his latest research in psychology, human performance, health and wellbeing, and research and stories from his own work and that of his company, WorqIQ.  

Oh, and he's really funny. You don't want to miss his leadership jokes, trust me. 


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speaker_kateKate Richardson- Walsh

Kate is an English Hockey gold medallist. As captain, she has led her team to many victories and international prizes. Kate knows what it’s like to lead a group of very different individuals, all having one common goal. Leadership, hard work, and persistence are the driving forces behind the success of her and her team.

She will share stories and experiences she picked up during her outstanding international career.


speaker_sofieSofie Cabaceiro Luiz, Accenture

Sofie is an internationally experienced HR-manager with extensive hands-on experience across the HR-generalist spectrum. She is working as an HR Business partner at Accenture and the last 2 years she has mainly been focusing on the regional launch and implementation of Performance Achievement: A new way of talent management based on a strengths-based approach.

Sofie installed a talent management software from scratch at Accenture. Her talk will include a very specific and personal case. She will walk you through the bumpy road to implementing her very own talent management software: the ups, downs, challenges and successes. You will be able to interact with Sofie on a personal level and get to know how she managed such a big change in her organisation. 

Other speakers at TEC include: Ben Whitter, founder and CEO of the World Experience Institute, Arne Van Damme, COO at intuo and Agile HR expert, and David Ducheyne, experienced CHRO and business leader.

Do you want to know more on what these speakers will talk about? Visit our event page! 

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