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8 tips to engage employees during summer time

Turn off the quarantine mood! It's summertime. However, not everyone has holidays, so how do you keep employees focused when they want to enjoy the summer?

Engagement under a magnifying glass: Becoming Sherlock!

It’s common knowledge that the traditional annual surveys are a point-in-time snapshot wide perceptions and establish a baseline, they don’t help you address engagement throughout the year.

People Analytics 101: How to coach line managers to be great leaders

How do you know what areas of the business require the most of your attention, and what help do they require? Put your hands together for our first act: intuo’s insight module

A Powerful Leadership Style With People Analytics

Employees and organisations are constantly changing, so it's quite straightforward that your leadership style should change with them.

Customer Story Amon: happy employees, our most valuable asset

The weekend is approaching at the Amon office, but nobody is leaving before they have answered their intuo engagement pulse.

5 Steps To Give Constructive Feedback

Many coaches and managers are having difficulties with giving constructive feedback to their employees. In this blog, you will get to know the 5 most important steps in giving constructive feedback.

How To Keep Your Employees Happy & Engaged

Employee happiness and wellbeing are hot topics. Everywhere in the world, there are conferences on how to make your employees happy. Find out our top tips on this blog.

4 Myths Surrounding Increasing Employee Engagement

Egyptians aren't the only ones with myths. They had the sun god Ra, we have employee engagement. So many things are said and written about engagement, it's hard to know what's fact and what's fiction.

This Was TEC 2018

Last Thursday, more than 300 people came to Ghent for The Talent Enablement Conference. What were the key takeaways? What can your organisation learn from Airbnb? Find out in this wrap-up blog!

How Board Of Innovation Built A Feedback Culture With Tacos, Burgers and Sushi

Before joining Board of Innovation as a People & Culture Lead half a year ago, Nele had already worked in the domain of ‘Human Resources’ for around ten years. She found out that most people actually hate feedback at work. And why wouldn’t they?