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How To Build A Strong Employer Brand

This Employer Branding Mini Guide boils down to two things: examples and tips on how to build a strong employer brand. Nothing more, nothing less.

Interview: How Airbnb Redefined its HR

Airbnb grew from 650 employees to 4000 in 4 years. We wanted to find out how the organisation dealt with such a significant employee increase and how such a booming organisation redefined its HR.

Interview: PepsiCo's View On Career Perspective

Being one of the world's leading food and beverage organisations, PepsiCo has a LOT of employees. How does the organisation deal with its people? Read an extract from the interview with Miguel Premoli, VP Talent Management at PepsiCo.

What Kind Of Feedback Persona Are You?

What if there was a fun and simple framework to help you discover what kind of feedback persona you are and what you could improve? We designed a framework with 6 different feedback personas.

The Ultimate Coaching Cheat Sheet

How should I handle coaching? How often do I have to coach? Instead of talking people through the lengthy process, hand them this cheat sheet, so that they can tick the boxes themselves!

How To Improve The Quality Of Your Manager's One-On-Ones

One-on-one meetings are about making sure the employee is happy, productive and also to uncover personal and professional challenges. But how do you get the most out of these crucial conversations?

Requesting Feedback for Delicious Results.

You’re invited by friends to come over for dinner. After the wine is served and the first bites are taken, the host asks “Do you like it?”. What would your response be to this genuine request for feedback?

Praise Culture: Soft Trend or a Real Thing?

Today, increasingly more companies are trying to cultivate the culture of praise and recognition, where employees give each other praises openly for their achievements and capabilities.

Derek Deasy on vulnerability and trust in a feedback culture

Derek Deasy is an Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD. We met during an event while doing the Grand Tour. The Grand Tour is an event that assembles speakers from the top business schools in Europe. Derek leads a session on leadership which triggered our interest multiple times.

Happy to Be Working, or Working to Be Happy?

Although this question seems pretty straightforward, the answer might be crucial to a company’s success as well as an individual’s happiness.