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Redesigning employee experience for the new way of work

Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage said, “Money is no longer the primary motivating factor for employees” and although money can drive people to work, a good employee experience can be the best leverage an organization can create.  

How to stop failing at user adoption and get the ROI you want

One of the biggest mistakes organisations make when introducing a new HCM platform, is that they don’t measure user adoption during the different implementation phases. When you start designing and implementing your new HCM platform, you invest a lot of time, money and effort but the Return on Investment only comes at the end of the project when most of your users have adopted the changes you set out for

Top 5 trends for HR leaders in 2021

If Human Resource departments had a challenging job before the pandemic, the post-pandemic times look even more challenging, but many opportunities also lie ahead. As we ease into the new year, we believe it is a good time to reflect on lessons learned but also on lessons we still need to learn. As an early Christmas gift, we summarized the key HR trends to look on 2021.

How to support employee objective setting and why you should do it

While more organizations start to implement aDistributed Talent Management strategy, the goal of HR becomes to enable individuals in their work and make them accountable for their own career.

The truth about remote performance reviews

The yearly performance review is coming up, but this time it holds even more challenges than before. For most organizations, the performance review is a check-box that needs to be ticked. It's the way many companies usually decide how they're supposed to determinepay and establish accountability.

Unit4 HCM debuts in the Fosway 9-grid for Cloud HR

Unit4 has been mentioned for the first time in the Fosway 9-grid for Cloud HR. In our debut, we stomped in by being classified as a core challenger. What does it mean? What implications does it have? Keep reading.

4 reasons to attend employee experience 4U

2 days, 40+ speakers, 6 different tracks to choose from and attendees from all over the world. Do you need more reasons to attend our global virtual event, X4U? Keep on reading then.

X4U Our second online event. What to expect?

A few months ago, we hosted our very first online Talent Enablement Conference. Great speakers, remarkable hosts, funny t-shirts and even a laughing session were part of the menu for the two-day conference. But, if you know us, you know we like to go the extra mile and only hosting one event is not enough. That's why on October 14 & 15 we will be co-hosting Experience4U. An event organised by Unit4 in

What is next for the HR department

With the very first wave of COVID, everything was happening at an incredibly fast speed. Suddenly HR had to shift focus from whatever they were working on (appraisals, comp and ben, succession or workforce planning) to digital transformation and remote working transition. Now everything is a bit more stable and the main question is: What is next for human resources?

Registration for X4U is now open

After our successful TEC online event, we're excited to share that registration is now open for Experience4U. X4U is our first global and of course, fully virtual customer event. Meet the industry thought leaders and Unit4 experts who will share their insights on HOW to transform the work experience for your people and WHY that matters.