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Coming Soon: Improved Engagement Overview

Measuring engagement is one thing, but what you do with that data is what it's really all about. To make it clear which teams are engaged and which ones aren't, we're launching a new overview.

4 takeaways about the future of HR. Second part

On the second day of the Talent Enablement Conference, HR rockstars, hospitality experts and our very own customer success team took over the virtual stage to show us what disruptions are taking place in the HR world.

4 takeaways about the future of HR. First part

Experts on remote working, HR analytics, technology and unicorns shared their knowledge on the first day of TEC online. Did you miss it? We wrote the main take aways of each keynote in this blog.

HR Is Changing And So Should Its Events

A desk- yoga session, a laughter coach and 12 remote speakers made TEC Online an event experience unlike HR has ever seen.

5 reasons to attend our online HR conference

2 days, 8 international speakers, warm-up sessions and a really broad network of 900+ HR professionals all together in one digital place. Do you need more reasons to attend the 2020 Talent Enablement Conference Online? Keep on reading then.

How To Move Past Competency Models

Companies have been using competency models for decades to define the skills, knowledge and abilities that are necessary to be successful in a certain job or organisation.

5 excuses people use for not bringing their performance appraisal to the next decade

We're giving you ammunition to counter the top 5 excuses we hear the most to not update the costly, subjective and time-consuming process.

HR trends 2020

We looked at the reports and headlines from different sources and summarised our findings in 7 key trends to look at in 2020.


4 reasons why people resist change and how to deal with it

In our fast-paced environment, organisations need to adjust their strategies to keep up with competition and market demands. However, changes in strategy often bump into resistance.

Customer Story Keyrus Global: The listening ear that boosted my career

How Keyrus successfully shifted to a better performance management process with continuous conversations and feedback.