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HR trends 2020

We looked at the reports and headlines from different sources and summarised our findings in 7 key trends to look at in 2020.


4 reasons why people resist change and how to deal with it

In our fast-paced environment, organisations need to adjust their strategies to keep up with competition and market demands. However, changes in strategy often bump into resistance.

Customer Story Keyrus Global: The listening ear that boosted my career

How Keyrus successfully shifted to a better performance management process with continuous conversations and feedback.

HR's Massive Influence On Your Financial Growth

In today’s job market, competition for top talent is fierce. Employees have become consumers of the workplace, they choose where to work based on culture, aspiration and values.

How To Move To A Talent Focused Rewarding System

The original rewarding system with yearly rated performance reviews isn't working anymore, you know that. But what is working? Sure there must be an alternative?

3 Tips on Change Management

You want to implement change in your organisation. You already have an entire process ready, but how do you start rolling it out? Read these 3 tips.

The 7 Best HR Podcasts To Listen

Are you looking for fun ways to up your HR game? 1 answer: podcasts! They are becoming increasingly popular to kill dull moments and let's be honest, who doesn't like to hear a smooth voice tell you everything about Talent Management?

HR as a Key Driver for Digital Transformation: The 5 E’s Every HR Manager Should Know

Recently I was asked to give the closing keynote presentation for recruiters and HR managers at the biggest Graduation Fair in Belgium. The message I wanted to transmit to them was that "digital disruption will be overcome by companies with the best people, not the best technology".

One Simple Idea to Transform Your Management

We all have that one friend who can’t stop talking about all the things they get to do at work. They come home happier than they left in the morning. Why is that?