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How intuo Grows with intuo

This is a little story about how we use our own platform and how it has changed our dynamic. In a way, we are our own product's best test audience. If you're thinking now “Booo, sales pitch”, you'd be mistaken.

The Open Source LMS: Are its hidden costs worth making?

Working with Open Source software is like wielding a two-handed broadsword: It’s a magnificent weapon if you can master it, but without the skill, chances are high you’ll look like a dangerous fool waving around a big piece of metal.

Retention in Professional Staffing

It’s a common trend in the professional staffing business that consultants decide to quit after one, two or (if you’re lucky) three years because they feel less engaged and less connected to your firm. Sounds familiar?

From Management to Empowerment

Increasingly more talents long for a sense of choice rather than being managed. They need leaders that coach them instead of bossy managers. They desire personal growth and challenges within their organisation instead of prefabricated tasks.