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HR questions answered during the pandemic

The Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, conducted a rapid research survey during the COVID-19 pandemic focusing on HR Directors, HR managers and HR system professionals primarily from enterprise organizations in Europe. What were the questions the C-suite were asking HR in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic? Read the article to discover the answers.

Top 5 trends for HR leaders in 2021

If Human Resource departments had a challenging job before the pandemic, the post-pandemic times look even more challenging, but many opportunities also lie ahead. As we ease into the new year, we believe it is a good time to reflect on lessons learned but also on lessons we still need to learn. As an early Christmas gift, we summarized the key HR trends to look on 2021.

How to support employee objective setting and why you should do it

While more organizations start to implement aDistributed Talent Management strategy, the goal of HR becomes to enable individuals in their work and make them accountable for their own career.

The truth about remote performance reviews

The yearly performance review is coming up, but this time it holds even more challenges than before. For most organizations, the performance review is a check-box that needs to be ticked. It's the way many companies usually decide how they're supposed to determinepay and establish accountability.

10 questions you should ask your remote employees

With so many people suddenly confined to working from home in these uncertain times, work can be pretty hard on your people’s mental wellbeing.

No more coffee chat: The 5 conversations you should have with your remote team

We find ourselves in a unique situation where millions of people are forced to work remotely from one day to another, and managers have not had the time to adapt properly.

Extend the engagement of your remote workforce

How can you keep track of employees' engagement when they are not really within the company? With employees being forced to work remotely, organisations are having trouble knowing how every employee is feeling and performing.

Retaining employees in a period of uncertainty

During periods of uncertainty, employee retention and engagement are a threat. Losing employees at a high rate is extremely costly, especially since recruiting them is challenging.