What Your Team Can Learn From The Belgian Red Devils

Hana Belbecir

Content Manager at intuo I believe continuous learning is the way to become the best version of yourself.

I think it's safe to say that we have probably never felt this patriotic in our entire lives. The Belgian Red Devils are not only making us very proud to be Belgian, they are also teaching us that teamwork, makes the dream of an entire country work. 


Communication is key. Not only in football but in every team in the world, whether it's business, sports or getting out of an escape room. Communication should be clear within the team but also top down, from teamleader to team member. Each team member has their own needs and personality. It's important these people can work together, how different they may be. One person's strengths will be someone else's weakness. Hazard's technical skills work perfectly with Lukaku's physical strength. The Red Devils understand that in order to create the best results and score goals, they have to support each other and work together. 


Clear communication goes hand in hand with having an end goal. However, you should not only focus on the goal, you should focus on how you will get there. What steps do you need to take? Who will get you there? Your goal is tied to a clear plan. The Red Devils' goal is to win the World Cup. But what 23 players will make us win? Dries Mertens' speed? Debruyne's good eye for opportunity? Vertonghen's amazing headers? There's a reason why the coach changes some of the team members according to each game. The same goes for your team. Who do you see as your key players? Who do you put on what project? You have to constantly be on top of your team to make them the best version of themselves.

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Martinez' purpose 

A (football)team without vision has no purpose. They don’t know where they’re going and when they bump into a problem, which they will, your team will feel uncertain. You can have the best, smartest people on your team, if they don't have a good leader with a clear purpose, the team won't perform well. When having a clear vision that inspires action, rewards improvement and acknowledges effort, your team will work harder, be more persistent and endure more. It's a given that vision and action go hand in hand. 

Highly successful people like to be challenged, which is exactly what Martinez is doing. Every great athlete wants to push him/herself to become better, to break their own records. How do you get to that goal? With a leader who:

  • Develops a team who shares their vision
  • Embraces conflict
  • Creates trust before anything else
  • Rewards the team
  • Pays attention to team results


None of this is possible without a good leader/a good coach/a good manager. The leader is the one that motivates her team. Makes them move towards a common end goal. She has to accept total responsibility for each team member and deal with internal conflict or when difficulties arise. She stands up for her team. 

A good team leader is always looking for ways to remove obstacles from individual members of their team. They want their team to grow and develop themselves personally and professionally. The leader acknowledges the team's needs and gets them the time, resources and support they need to get the job done. Always remember that their results are your results, their success is your success and their failures are your failures.

Not everyone can be rewarded like the best football players in the world. You can try though. Read our mini guide on how to implement a future-proof rewarding strategy!

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Continuous evaluation and appraisals

Imagine every time the Red Devils score, everyone in Belgium and in the stadium holds a straight face and isn't quite impressed. Now, imagine what really happens when they score: everyone in Belgium and every Belgian in the stadium in Russia is screaming of happiness. This motivates the players to do even better. I'm not saying you should be cheering at 85 decibels every time your team member does something right. Just make sure you motivate them to perform and constantly improve themselves. It’s crucial that you create an environment where effort and results are greatly rewarded. You can use this coaching cheat sheet to help you develop your team members to be the best version of themselves. 

Mistakes are very common everywhere. Failures happen all the time and that is actually a good thing. Without failure, you can't learn. The Red Devils didn't back down when they lost against Argentina 4 years ago, they learned from it and came out stronger than ever. Look where they are now! 

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One final thing: LET'S WIN THIS WORLD CUP!

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